Student Verification Instructions

Dear Park Hill Families,

We want to thank all the parents who have already completed the online verification/registration process through their Parent Portal account.  Right now the parents of our 1st grades are ahead in verifications with the Kindergarten families in a close second.  Have you completed your student verification yet?

We have attached a copy of the School Supply lists for Kdg through 5th grade in case you were not able to order your supplies through the School Tool Box.  We know this is a great time to do your school shopping.

Want to avoid long lines and the time consuming process of completing 13 pages of registration paperwork for your family for each student?  Take time now in the comfort of your home to complete school registration through the online verification process!  The paper registration process for those unable to complete the online registration will be on August 9 from 9 am to 5 pm.  Remember you do not need to come to school to complete registration if you have done so online.

Every family (ECE – 12th Grade) must go through the verification process for each of their DPS students at the start of every school year, either online or via the paper process.  ONLY a member of the primary household can complete the verification.

Step 1.  Go to your parent portal account at to begin the process.  Click “Parent Login” and use your username and password.

Step 2.  Click the “Online School Verification” button on the left-side navigation of your Parent Portal homepage.  Follow the directions to reach the verification application and complete.

Step 3.  Once you reach the completed tab, click on the “Application Summary PDF” and review your information in detail before you click submit.  You cannot make changes once you click submit.

Step 4.  We strongly urge you to click on “Verification Summary PDF” and save, print, or email a copy to yourself for your records.

Step 5.  Click submit, sit back and relax knowing that you have just completed the registration process for your student (s).

Don’t have a parent portal account?  Go to the parent portal website to complete the process to acquire one.

Don’t have your student ID number?  Send me an email with their name and address, and I will send you their student ID number.

Missed the opportunity to learn the name of your teacher?  Send me an email with the student name and grade, and I will let you know the name of their teacher


Feel you are receiving this email by mistake or you have decided your student will not be attending Park Hill?  Let me know and we can take care of the withdrawal paperwork via email now.

Last year 75% of our families completed the online verification process and did not need to come to school to fill out any paperwork.  We hope to improve that number this year with over 90% participation.

Let me know if you have other questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Ann Kurth, head secretary for Park Hill School