Park Hill Friday Folder, September 29, 2017


Friday Folder News:


Count Day for the State of Colorado – October 2, 2017

October Count is the official student membership count for all Colorado public school districts mandated by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).  On the official Count Day, we ask each of our students to sign a class roster or create an assignment as proof that they attended school on October 2.

If your student is absent on the 2nd due to illness or being out of town, they can still be part of the official count by returning to school before October 9th.  Children absent on October 2 will be asked to complete an assignment the day they return to be submitted as proof of their attendance with us.  If your student has an appointment, such as a dental appointment, please bring them into school either before or after their appointment as they can be counted if they attend for any portion of the school day on the official count day.  Thank you for bringing your children each and every day we have school.

Each classroom with perfect attendance will receive five special ROAR tickets and an extra recess at the discretion of their teacher.  Help your children receive those rewards.

For every student eligible in Denver Public Schools, the district receives an annual average of $7,200 per pupil in operating revenue.  Park Hill School receives approximately $4,000 of that revenue for each student we have at our school.  The value we place on each of our students is priceless.



Despite being early in the year, we are noticing a significant number of sick kids staying home from school and many others that continue to be sent home daily. Illnesses have varied between stomach virus and fever with flu-like symptoms, both of which are very contagious. We are making a conscious effort at school to minimize the spread of germs and ask that you partner with us in doing the same at home. Although these may be common sense, the following suggestions serve as good reminders.

*Encouraging sick students to stay home from school.  Students who have a fever, feel nauseated, are vomiting, have diarrhea, or have an uncontrolled cough / difficulty breathing, should stay home. Please be especially cautious before sending a student who is “not acting like themselves” or “who doesn’t look right”.

Promoting Hand washing. Important times to wash hands are after using the restroom, before eating snacks and lunch, after playing outside, or when hands get dirty from activities. It may seem like frequent hand washing takes a lot of time out of our day, but it takes a lot longer to take off 3 days of school or work to recover from illness!

Harper RN, Park Hill Elementary School Nurse

Phone 720-424-4915


Inclement weather policy:  Please have your student(s) listen for an announcement (or check with the office) at the end of the day in case of a location change. For any pick up location changes, please look on the Enrichment board outside the school office.

Please pick up your child ON TIME and check with your vendor for final pick up times and dates.

See class list below for class locations.  Also, please check the board outside of the office for any class room/location changes, especially if it is a bad weather day.  


Sticky Fingers Cooking (3rd-5th) Teacher’s Lounge 2:45-3:45

Street Soccer (1-4) Blacktop on B-Ball Court 2:45-3:55

KidStage (1st-5th) (Final Performance 12/4; 5:30pm) Auditorium 2:45-4:30

Bluff Lake Explorer (K-5th) Room #113 2:45-3:45


Sticky Fingers (K-2nd) Teacher’s Lounge 2:45-3:45

Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math (K-5th) Room #124 2:45-3:45

Intro to Stem with Lego (K-2nd) Room #216 2:45-4:15

Golf Squad (K-5th) Meet outside of the Gym (note, last day of class 11/14)2:45-3:45

Spanish (1st-3rd) 2:45-3:45 Room #206


KidStage (1st-5th) (No class 12/6; Final class 12/7 and Final performance 12/7; 5:30pm) Auditorium 2:45-4:30

Street Soccer (K-3rd) Blacktop on B-Ball Court 2:45-3:55

Art Garage (K-2nd) Room #112 2:45-3:50

Art Garage (3rd-5th) Art Room #111 2:45-3:50

Digistar (1st-5th) 2:45-4:00 Room #307

Mighty Movement Academy (3rd-5th) 2:45-3:50 Hallway outside of Gym


Radiant Beginnings Yoga (K -5th) Room #118 2:45-3:45

Violin (DYAO) (Beginning 2:45-3:45 and Intermediates 2:45-4:30) (2nd-5th) Room #212

Mad Science – Energy Forces and Light (1st-5th) Teacher’s Lounge 2:45-3:45

Sports Spectacular Program (K-2nd) and Dodge Ball (3rd-5th) Outside on Field 2:45-3:45


Chess Wizards (K-5th) 2:45-3:45 Room #304

Stem Challenge with Lego (3rd-5th) Room #306 2:45-4:15

Knitting Club (2nd-5th) 2:45-4:00 Library (South Side)

City Strings Guitar (1st-5th) Room#217 South 2:45-3:45

Enshin Karate (K-5th) Gym (ends November 18th) 2:45-3:45

*(Verify Session Dates with each Vendor)

Contact Veronica Ware at if you have any questions.


The TAC is looking for 8-12 more volunteers on Tuesday afternoons from 3:10 pm – 4:15 pm! If any parents/guardians/or friends in the neighborhood would be willing to help young readers grow, please consider becoming a volunteer!

TAC is program that has been a part of the Park Hill community since 1993. It was to help struggling readers become more fluent and confident in their own reading skills. This year we are focusing on being intentional in our practice on how to best help our young readers grow.

Not only are we trying to build comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills, but we are trying to instill a love of reading overall. As we move forward with the program this year, we hope that you would like to become a vital member of the TAC program.

We will meet as a group most Tuesdays of the month from October through April. Volunteers will be placed with a student and will work closely with them over the course of the year. At the end of the program, we will host a field trip to the Tattered Cover, where the students will be able to select books to read over the summer

If you ever have any questions, or you would like to join, please do not hesitate to contact me! Our first meeting with the students is October 3!

Braden Seward is the contact person from Park Hill Elementary this year.  Her email is


Park Hill Community:

GPHC will be continuing the weekend food program this school year, in an effort to reduce food insecurity for students and provide additional nutritional support to help them be successful at school. The program provides a bag of food consisting of two breakfasts, two snacks, and at least two lunch items, including a fruit and a vegetable. Bags will be delivered to Park Hill Elementary on Thursdays for distribution to children on Thursday and/or Friday at the end of the school day.

Every student at Park Hill Elementary is able to participate in the program.  We only require a parent/guardian signature on the parent/guardian consent form to enroll in our program. Any family with a student at Park Hill Elementary may opt in or out of the program as they wish.
See the end of this bulletin for the parent/guardian consent form.
If you have any questions, please call:
Claudia (lead volunteer, weekend food program) at 720.837.9190

Sierra E. Fleenor (Executive Director of GPHC) at 303.388.0918

*Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to pick up food for distribution in our weekly “backpack” program. All slots have now been filled for the year.*

In addition, in our ongoing commitment to support the Greater Park Hill Foodbank, we will be collecting canned foods and dry goods in a round purple bin located in the cafeteria. 

Thank you in advance for your donations! 


The Fifth Grade Talent Show is scheduled for November 16th!!  We need parent volunteers to run and facilitate this awesome event!  If you are interested, please sign up at

Fifth graders interested in participating in the Talent Show need to return the Talent Show Entry and Rules form by October 6.  Please visit the music class website at to download the form.

Park Hill PTSA News:
Fiction Beer Company Anniversary Fundraiser

Fiction Beer Company at 7101 E. Colfax is celebrating its third anniversary on Saturday, September 30 from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  Festivities include a dunk tank from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm, $2 per ball or 3 from $5 with proceeds supporting Park Hill’s Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program.  RIF provides each student with new reading-level-appropriate books of their choice.  Come dunk someone for a good cause!  More info:  Park Hill parents Christa and Ryan Kilpatrick own Fiction Beer Company.  Link to map:

Auction Kick-off

It is almost time to start the extensive planning for this school year’s PTSA Auction!  This year’s kick-off meeting will be on Sunday, October 8 at 4:00 pm at Station 26 Brewery (7045 E. 38th Ave.  There are many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities – helping acquire auction items, marketing the event, obtaining sponsors, etc.  It is also a great way to meet and have some fun with other members of the Park Hill community, so please join us to learn what you can do to help!


Park Hill School Office Staff

Office Hours 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Main School Phone and attendance line – 720-424-4910

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