Physical Education

Kitty Horeis – Gym: Room 123


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click here Fit For Life

One of the main goals of Physical Education is to encourage kids to be Fit for Life! Children need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day to be healthy. Unfortunately, students do not get that opportunity at school every day, so they need to be active outside of school.  Also, children are developing habits now that can last a lifetime.

Each month, your child (1st to 5th grade) can bring home a Fit for Life calendar from PE. On the calendar, your child can keep a record of physical activities outside of school. They are able to fill in each day’s box with an activity.  There are outdoor and indoor physical activity ideas listed on the calendar, but any moderate to vigorous physical activity is great!

The children are to return the calendar at the end of the month with their name, their room number, and your signature.  Students who bring the calendar back completed with at least four activities each week will be members of the Fit for Life Club and get a small prize.

Thank you for helping your children at Park Hill become FIT for Life!!!