GT / Challenge K – 5

Mary Lauth – Room 217 North

5th Grade Math Extension – 1/12/18  Students who have proven mastery of the concept being currently addressed in class (multiplication and division strategies) have been given extension problems to solve during math time in class.  This one is all about the Macy’s Day Parade.

4th Grade Math Extension – 1/12/18  We started Math Olympiad problems.  These are high level math problems that help students think efficiently regarding solutions.  The problems the students are working on in pull out group are related to the concept they are learning about in class  (place value and standard algorithm for addition and subtraction).

3rd Grade Math Extension – 1/12/18  We completed a complex problem using Judith Viorst’s book Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday.  This connected with the concept they just learned about in class before the break (addition and subtraction algorithms) and extended it by increasing small dollars and cents by 1000.  Next week we will start a fraction game.

1st Grade Math Extension – 12/19/17  This week we continued to work on our grasshopper story problems and illustrations for our worksheets.

2nd Grade Math Extension – 12/19/17  This week we continued to extend on measurement and data standards by reading the story Actual Size by Steve Jenkins. If you are not familiar with this excellent book, it features animals of extreme sizes and includes information on them and collage illustrations of the animals in their “actual size”. For larger animals this means that only an eye, hand etc. fit on the page.

We then headed outside armed with sidewalk chalk and various measuring tools. Student teams chose cards with different animals and their size/height/length listed. They first drew a chalk line guessing the length written on the card. Then they measured and drew an exact line using rulers, yardsticks or tape measures. The estimates tended to become more accurate as we went along.

It was fun to be amazed at how tall an Alaskan brown bear actually is! Or that a gorilla is approximately as tall as Ms Sara. Ask your student how long a giant squid is, and about how many classrooms that equals.

Students on each end of the giant squid measurement.

Our first estimates were not so accurate.