GT / Challenge K – 5

Mary Lauth – Room 217 North

Kindergarten Reading – 12/6/17 Since we just completed analyzing wordless books,  Flotsam by David Wiesner and  The Red Book by Barbara Lehman, this week we talked about elements of wordless books and students began making their own wordless book.

1st Grade Math Extension – 12/6/17 This week we continued working with graphs, charts and grids. We read short paragraphs and transferred data into a chart using tallies. We navigated around a zoo making left, right, up and down movements on a grid. We gathered information from a bar graph about field day and lastly we did another mindbender puzzle where students use clues to inform their logical thinking in solving the puzzle.

2nd Grade Math Extension – 12/6/17 This week all second grade groups did two measuring worksheets that introduced measuring from a spot other than zero on the ruler, and measuring to halves.

We used two strategies to solve. First we thought of the ruler as a number line and figured the length by ignoring the numbers and counting jumps and ½ jumps. The second strategy was to find the end point measurement and subtract the starting point measurement from it.

3rd Grade Math Extension – 12/6/17 This week students finished solving the problem of who is winning Monopoly Jr. (see last week) by applying multiple addition strategies and using gathered data.  It is often difficult for students to express how they solved a problem so we typically practice this in my class.  Therefore, I’ve asked them to write a summary of the steps they took in the problem, what information was important and how they figured out who won.  Next week, students will finish their summaries and share with each other.

3rd Grade Reading – 12/6/17  Bloom Balls continue.  A Bloom Ball is 3-dimensional project that requires students to complete activities moving them through the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy from knowledge to synthesis – growing from basic information to more and more complex. Each student will create a Bloom Ball based on their current book that they’re reading in their class reading group. Second assignment – make a face of the ball describing the setting – where and when, generally or specifically.  The design should represent the setting in the book he/she is reading.

4th Grade Math Extension – 12/6/17 Students designed their own flag and determined what portion of their flag is a certain color.  Students represented this portion in both decimals and fractions.  They just completed a unit on decimals and fractions in their classrooms.

It is often difficult for students to express how they solved a problem so we typically practice this in my class.  Therefore, I asked them to write about the process of this flag problem in order to practice verbalizing mathematical thoughts and writing informational paragraphs.

5th Grade Math Extension – 12/6/17 In math class, students are designing and ultimately building 3D taco trucks.  The students who come to extension math class brought their materials to work on this project in order to support the goal of completion early next week.  Ask your student about this project as it has been a challenging, fun extension.