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Dear Parents,

Introducing Discovery Day Camp!

Formerly known as KC Dismissal Days, our program offers structured time where students are engaged in projects and activities that incorporate youth development best practices and are FUN for all ages. We also offer unstructured time where students have a chance to imagine and explore at their own pace!

We are hosting camp here at Park Hill on Oct 27-28 and Nov 4. These camps are open to everyone, which means you do not have to attend Discovery Link (formerly known as Kaleidoscope) normally to attend these camp days.


Q: Does this take place at the school?

A: Yes, these camps will take place at Park Hill. The students attending the camp will only be from Park Hill.

Q: Is it all age groups doing camp together or is it separated by age/grade?

A: The students will be divided into age groups for part of the day and will be together for another part. We believe in voice and choice during the camp day. Each student will choose a club activity based on what they want to learn or do. They will have an opportunity to choose two clubs, one in the morning and on in the afternoon.

Q: What activities will they do at camp?

A: Students will have a choice between three different clubs.

The clubs for Oct. 27-28 will be:

  1. Engineering with Melty Beads: This club will explore the world of 3D structures using the building materials of Melty Beads.
  2. Boks: Boks is a physical education curriculum designed by Reebok. Boks is a running, skill building, and fun program that will engage students through team building activities.
  3. Do It Yourself (DIY): Students will explore the world of DIY by using recycled materials.

The clubs for Nov. 4 will be:

  1. Space Exploration: Students will design and launch rockets while learning about black holes, gravity, and much more.
  2. Ocean: Students will make 3D models of the ocean.
  3. Basketball: Students will explore the world of basketball.

To register for Discovery Day October 27 & 28, please follow this link.

To register for Discovery Day November 4, please follow this link.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Program Specialist
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