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**Important** Bell Times for 2022-2023

We have some urgent news to share with you in regards to our Bell Times. We have just been informed by DPS that our Bell times for the current school year were not changed to an 8:10 start time as we had been expecting. This was surprising to us, and is forcing us to pivot in the final few weeks of summer.

Our Bell Times for the school year will be 8:25am - 3:25pm. This is the same schedule as last year. We have been informed that we will indeed switch in 2023-2024, but for this year, we will remain at 8:25am - 3:25pm. (We will do a soft start 8:25am - 8:30am each morning.)

This will undoubtedly cause constraints for some of you with child care, car-pooling, etc. We will work with you and be flexible. Please contact our Admin or Main Office immediately with any questions or needs.

If you use DPS transportation, the buses will operate according to these hours, and additional information will be communicated in the near future.

To Confirm - Our 22-23 school year Bell Times will be 8:25am - 3:25pm (same as last year).

Breakfast will begin in the Cafeteria as early as 7:55am. YMCA will be in contact regarding the new hours, but will work in accordance with the school for before and after school care.

ECE will be communicated out in a separate email.

We apologize for any and all inconveniences this may cause.

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