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THINGS I NEED TO KNOW about 2nd grade

  1. Drop off and pick up happens on the blacktop, to the left of the backdoor. We will be holding signs with our names for the first week, just look for those! 

  2. Our schedules differ among teachers, but we all start our day with a morning meeting at 8:10-8:35, engage in a brain break 10:05-10:20, go to specials 10:20-11:10, and enjoy lunch and recess 12:20-1:05. We end our day at 3:10, at which point we will return to the blacktop.

  3. For homework, you can expect to see a weekly spelling list in your child’s planner. These will be tested on Fridays in class. The planner will double as a reading log, we suggest 20 minutes daily. In addition to spelling, we will be sending home reading passages connected to skills or unit letters connected to knowledge for you to review. Each week, there will be a yellow SEL (social-emotional learning) activity for you to engage with your child. Please sign and return with your child’s planners on Fridays. We encourage you to look over and sign your child’s planner weekly, ensuring they are writing book titles. You can also use it to write non-urgent notes to your teacher!

  4. Each day, please bring a backpack to school. Along with it, please bring a labeled water bottle and snack (we do not eat until after 12). We do not allow consumption of drinks other than water in our classrooms. Also, students are not to bring toys, Pokemon cards, stuffed animals, rubik’s cubes, anything that is not school related. 

  5. We learn so much in second grade! We will learn about fairy tales and fables, early Asian civilizations, Greek civilizations, Greek myths, War of 1812, cycles in nature, insects, the human body, immigration and people who fought to make big changes in our history! We will also be adding and subtracting double digit numbers, measuring in inches and centimeters, and working on place value! 

  6. If you have a question or a concern, your child’s teacher is your first line of communication. Email is best. 

  7. Independence is an important part of second grade. Please practice opening and closing food containers and packaging with your child. Additionally, help your child learn to tie shoes and zip jackets. This applies to planners as well, the students are responsible for turning these in on Fridays. 

  8.   We emphasize having a growth mindset in the classroom, with the effort being more important than the product. We discuss growth mindset and other social skills during morning meeting. 

  9.   Birthdays are joyous days! Each class has its own way of celebrating the child. Due to allergies and out of respect for multiple cultures, we do not allow class birthday parties and/or treats of any kind. Some alternative options are candy-free goody bags, pencils, a book to donate to the class, friendship bracelets, etc. 

  10.  You can anticipate field trips happening this year. We send out communication in advance to ask for chaperones and share details. We often require lunches but these can easily come from school with notice. We align field trips with what we are learning in the classroom.

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