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Panther Pages, November 10, 2023

Happy Friday Park Hill Families,

This week I want to highlight the great work that our cafeteria crew does each and every day for the students. I’m happy to say that the cafeteria experience is pretty different since I was a student, and our students are getting much healthier & wholesome foods. Students have a fresh fruit and vegetable bar where they have options for a healthy side, meals prepped & cooked in our cafeteria (not just reheated), and now we have free breakfast and lunch. We also appreciate the small things they do such as this week they made a few extra sack lunches for our 1st grade students in case they left theirs at home for the field trip! Thank you Mr Dennis, Mr Jake, Ms Michelle, and Ms Tracy.

Finally, please join us Dec 4 for our next Black Excellence Committee meeting. All are welcome to attend!

Ken Burdette, Principal

Nursing Note: Flu/Cold season notes and precautions

We are seeing upticks in colds, stomach bugs and Strep right now at our school and a neighboring school recently had to close down for a day due to a viral (GI) outbreak.

Please keep children at home if they have a fever or are showing signs of illness. We also ask that you do not give symptom masking medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen prior to the start of school. Finally, children need to be fever, vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours and symptoms resolved before their return.

Please reach out to the nursing staff or the front office with questions. We need everyone to be vigilant and do their part in keeping our students and staff healthy and keep the school open for learning!

No YMCA on Monday, November 13

There will be no before or after YMCA care on Monday, November 13th. Please plan accordingly.

Equity Corner

Test scores say COVID was especially rough on English learners. Not all school districts agree.

By Yesenia Robles - Nov 8, 2023

Add to your calendars - Monday Dec 4th (4pm) - Join us for our next Black Excellence Meeting (in person and virtual options)

Park Hill Cares Share "WARM FUZZIES" This Holiday Season

Our 4th and 5th graders' Care Committee are pairing with a foundation called Lovewell who serves our unhoused friends on Colfax. We will be collecting gloves, wool socks, beanies, hand warmers, and blankets. We ask that these are preferably in adult sizes and are either New or very lightly used.

These friends we are serving are truly people who long for friendship, and Lovewell goes out every Sunday providing necessities and building friendships with each of them. Some special relationships have been formed through these Sundays. With the winter coming, we want to be able to provide items that will tangibly keep them supported in the winter.

We will be collecting items from November 13-December 5. If it is easier for you to donate in a faster way, we have also set up an Amazon Wishlist that will have these items sent directly to the school. The link for the wishlist is here.

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found is once again full! We have returned all of the items with names on them. Please try to make sure you label any jackets, hats, mittens, etc that come to school with students. Since we are so full, we will be donating any unclaimed items on November 17. Parents are invited to stop by during school hours if there are any missing clothing items or just want to take a look.

Mindfulness at Park Hill

This week we are focusing on Mindful Seeing. The practice allows us to tune out distractions and enhance our ability to not only focus but also helps us see details we might not otherwise notice— a skill that may ultimately improve executive function (for example: attention, self-control, memory) and academic achievement.

As a supplement to the in-person sessions, you can watch the video "Mindful Seeing” with them. You can access the entire video library HERE. If you have questions or suggestions, reach out to me at or #303-898-9496. ~"Miss Liz"

Liz Rutledge

Middle School Tours

Bill Roberts K-8 school Denver Green School -(720)424-7480


Thank you to all who attended the TESSA 130th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Not only was it a wonderful night, but it also supported a local Park Hill business, and raised over $600 for the school!

Call for Committee Service!

We still need help for Restaurant Night Out and Yearbook. Contact the board if you can help with those committees!

Book Fair Update!

This year, we’ll be trying a different book fair strategy - an online and in-person opportunity with a Denver brick and mortar! More to come, so start creating your holiday wish lists now!

Park Hill Auction - Feb 23rd 2024

This week’s highlight: Buy-a-Shares! A BUY-A-SHARE is a party hosted by a family (or families) for kids, adults or both. At the auction, a specific number of tickets (or “shares”) to the event will be sold. Dates and an explanation of the party will be described on the sign up sheet at the auction. These parties are hugely beneficial to our fundraising efforts and as a part of community building. And they’re always a blast! Want to learn more? Contact

Want to sign up to host or donate another item for our auction?

fill out THIS form. Go ahead… click on the link!

And don’t forget to check out our 2024 Auction Webpage

Milk Caps for Moola!

Did you know we collect Longmont Dairy milk caps as a fundraiser for the school? If you have any of these milk caps, you can drop them in the collection box located just outside the school’s Main Office! How easy is that?

Another easy way to help the school is through the Cashback programs in the right hand column. Have you signed up yet?

PTSA Meeting: Monday 11/13, 5:30 in the school library (children welcome, no child care) or virtually:

Coffee with Ken: Friday 11/17, 8:20 in the cafeteria or virtually:

2023 - 2024 PTSA Calendar

  • Nov 13th: PTSA Meeting, School Library, 5:30 pm

  • Nov 17th: Coffee with Ken, 8:20, School cafeteria

  • Feb 23rd 2024: The Park Hill Elementary School Auction!

  • April 26th: Super Mega Awesome Dance Party!

Members’ corner:

Stay tuned for more updates in upcoming Panther Pages

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