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THINGS I NEED TO KNOW about Kindergarten

  1. Where do I get dropped off and picked up?

    1. Burnadette/Hurley- Northwest corner, from the large green circle in the back of the school go west 

    2. Neale/Handley/Lulu- Gate entrance and Pre-K playground

  2. What is my daily schedule?

    1. Main outline:


    2. Each teacher’s schedule varies, please reach out to them directly about specifics

  3. How much homework will I have?

    1. No homework!

    2. We ask that you read with, or to, your child at least 20 minutes a day

  4. What do I need to bring to school?

    1. Water bottle, snack, sealed bag with change of clothes, comfortable shoes (mindful of the impact of learning), please label all items with sharpie (water, jackets, extra clothes, etc.)

  5. What will I learn this year?

    1. How to be a kind and loving part of the Park Hill community while fostering a love for learning

  6. Who should I talk to if I have a question or concern, and how do I contact them?

    1. Please, first reach out to your teacher directly via email

  7. How are birthday celebrations done?

    1. A small treat may be dropped off in the morning when school begins, and your classroom teacher will facilitate a celebration during the day. This is not required

    2. Families will not be able to come into the classroom for the celebration

    3. Each teacher has their own classroom celebrations and we will be sure to make your child feel special on their day!

  8. How is teachnology handled in the classroom?

    1. Each student has a chromebook that stays within the classroom

    2. Although we use it minimally, we work to see the importance of starting technology literacy early on

    3. Please refrain from having your child bringing smart watches, trinkets, jewlery, etc. to school

      1. If an item is necessary, please reach out to your teacher directly

  9. What is family involvement like within the classroom?

    1. Chaperones for field trips

    2. Organizing parties

    3. Special projects that teachers may request family members within the classroom

  10. If I need to pick up my child early, what should I do?

    1. For the safety of our students and school in general, please let the office know

    2. When you come to pick up your child, go to the front of the office and ring the doorbell

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