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THINGS I NEED TO KNOW about 3rd grade

Where do I get dropped off and picked up?

At the big tree by the Panther Cafe, 8:10 am drop off & 3:10 pm dismissal


What is my daily schedule?

8:10-8:35 Morning Meeting

8:35-11:40 Math or Literacy

11:40-12:25 Lunch/Recess

12:25-1:15 Specials

1:15-3:10 Math or Literacy

3:10 Dismissal

*Social studies or Science are 45 minutes each day depending on classroom teacher

 Please try to schedule appointments accordingly. 


How much homework will I have?

We expect all students to read for 30 minutes each day at home.  This can be independent reading, read alouds, shared reading, audio books, etc. We will send home a Math Home Connections book for students to practice math skills throughout the year. 3rd grade has an optional homework policy.  We will be sending home a yellow packet with the CKLA (Literacy)  homework pages as well as the weekly math pages. We do not collect or have students turn in the homework.  We have a social/emotional curriculum that includes a weekly home connection sheet.  This will be sent home on Fridays and can be returned anytime the following week.  Check our website for more at home resources!  


What do I need to bring to school?

  • water bottle

  • backpack

  • snack

  • headphones


What will I learn this year? 

  1. Multiplication, division, fractions and story problems

  2. Writing informational, opinion, and narrative pieces, finding the theme, comparing and contrasting two texts, main idea and key details. Literacy Topics: Classic Tales, Human Body, Animal Classification, Space, Roman Empire, Vikings, Ecology and more!

  3. Spelling vowel teams and endings, prefixes and suffixes, adjectives and adverbs, building vocabulary

  4. Balancing forces, inheritance and traits, and weather and climate

  5. Global Connections, Migration and Movement, Civil Rights

See the full list here


How do I communicate with my teacher?

Email is the best way to contact your teacher and for absences call the Main Office. A bi-weekly email will be sent out to all families with classroom updates.

What do we do for Birthdays and class celebrations?  

Per Park Hill policy, we do not have classroom birthday parties. However we know families like to celebrate, therefore, during the last 5 minutes of the school day, parents can bring treats (popsicles are best due to allergies) on the blacktop.


Other 3rd Grade celebrations will include a Halloween Parade and Party, Booksgiving, Winter Craft Fair, Valentine Card exchange, Super Mega Awesome Dance Party, End of Year Celebration.


What are the 3rd grade expectations? 

We follow R.O.A.R. (Respect, Ongoing Learning, Always Safe, Responsible Actions), and we reward students with ROAR tickets.  There are schoolwide weekly ROAR drawings for prizes and recognition.  In 3rd grade we also have a system called “Caught Ya” which is when students are caught going above and beyond ROAR expectations and Mr. B (Principal) draws a few names from that jar. 


We want students to be and feel safe, accepted, and included in the classroom.  If there are issues between students we help mediate with restorative practices to repair relationships. We believe consequences should match behaviors.


Does 3rd Grade go on Field Trips? 

Yes! We love visiting with community partners and expanding what students are learning in class. We will be hiking at Genesee Park, Colorado Mountain Club presentation, Arvada Center Performance, Colorado History Museum, Planetarium at the DMNS, and a Zoo walking field trip.  We will need volunteers to join us. Communication will be sent out closer to the events.



Third Grade Website:

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