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THINGS I NEED TO KNOW about 5th grade

Field Trips happen monthly Clyfford Still Museum, Nature & Science Museum, Young AmeriTowne, Courtrooms to Classrooms mock trial, etc.




Wednesday, September 6th-7th Ferguson & Ash

Thursday, September 7th-8th Mills & Cowen 

Parent night for more info: dates coming soon



These are our biggest communication tools! 

We ask that you review and sign them every night

They will have an overview of the days learning as well as homework



Reading: 30 minutes every night

Math: 2-3 times per week



5th graders are responsible for their plans

They should report this to their homeroom teacher 

For example: bus, car pickup, walk, bike


Daily routine

Please bring a snack and water bottle every day

Please no smart watches or phones in the classroom

They can be left in lockers and retrieved at end of day

School work focus

Math: fractions, multiplication & division

Science: four units studied with a different teacher for each

English: RATE response essay, book clubs

Social Studies: Native America

Choice projects

All fifth graders will engage in a passion project where they can research and present the topic of their choosing


In the event of an emergency, please contact the school or homeroom teacher…not your child

Each teacher will communicate individually with how we would prefer to be reached (email, text, etc.)

Fifth grade will be filled with joy and fun as well as more independence in school all in preparation to be high achieving, incredible middle schoolers! 

**Please send in boxes of tissues all year**


Our Team:

Roger Ash

Graig Ferguson 

Eric Cowen

Serri Mills

Para: Rachel Novak

Student teachers in Serri’s class: Abby Bryson & Abby Nelson

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